The vision of Olga Shimoni the founder of ANNxBBB:

Nanomedicine has a tremendous opportunity to contribute to neurosciences. Such as, nanoparticles has been researched as a way to transport therapeutic molecules or agents across the blood-brain barrier, a wall of tightly connected cells that keeps most medication out of the brain. Currently, there are many types of nanoparticles has been discovered and applied in the nanomedicine, but how to determine which nanoparticles would be suitable into brain research. Small changes in the nanoparticle properties, like surface charge, composition, size or shape, may make the huge difference between delivering a required medicine to brain cells or cause damage if they reach brain. Strangely, that there is a lack of systematic and comparative knowledge on nanoparticles applied to brain research.
The need for effective inter-institutional knowledge flows is particularly critical in emerging nanoscience and technology. It is widely accepted that research collaboration is a key instrument for both knowledge production and advances in science and technology. Hence, this network is established to bring scientists together, to stimulating debate, research and discovery. Furthermore, we aim to enhancing communication and participation among basic scientists, translational researchers and clinicians to create multi-disciplinary tactics.